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Every child deserves a chance to play baseball

– this is the heart of the Newton County Miracle League. Join us in making dreams come true.
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Miracle League Of Newton County

In a world where every child deserves a chance to play baseball, we make those dreams a reality. Join us in celebrating the spirit of inclusion, teamwork, and joy on the diamond. Our league is more than just a game; it’s about creating unforgettable moments, building confidence, and fostering friendships. Let’s play ball and show the world that in our field, everyone is an MVP!”

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Join the Miracle: Your Support Shapes the Game.

At the Newton County Miracle League, our commitment goes beyond just playing baseball – it’s about creating a welcoming, inclusive space for all. This is only possible with the generous support of individuals, businesses, organizations, and foundations who share our vision. By volunteering, donating, or sponsoring, you play a crucial role.
Your involvement ensures we can provide a nurturing environment where children who face challenges in traditional sports settings can thrive. Together, we celebrate every player, turning our field into a place where everyone is an MVP and every child experiences the joy and teamwork of baseball.
2024 All Star Game

Newton County to Host 2024 All Star Game

We are proud to announce that Covington /Newton County has been officially named the host city for the 2024 National Miracle League All-Star Weekend. This October 2024, we’ll welcome hundreds of families and special needs players from across the country for a three-day celebration of talent, courage, and community spirit. This will be more than just a weekend of baseball; it’s an opportunity to witness players’ incredible spirit and abilities and for our community to come together in a memorable, joyous celebration.
Your Buddy Guide: Interacting Successfully
Discover the key to a rewarding buddy experience with our guide, designed to foster positive, supportive, and effective interactions, ensuring every moment on the field is as fulfilling as it is fun.
Rules and Regulations: Fair Play for All
Get to know the essential rules and regulations of our league, crafted to guarantee a safe, respectful, and fun environment for all players and participants. (Learn More Button) link to the Rules and Regulations page.
Be a Volunteer: Become a Buddy

Join our team as a volunteer buddy, and play a pivotal role in enriching the baseball experience for our young athletes, creating joyful and inclusive moments on and off the field.

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Sign up now and step up to the plate with the Newton County Miracle League, where every swing brings a smile, and every child gets their chance to shine on the field.

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Support the Newton County Miracle League with your donation, helping us ensure every child continues to have their chance to play, grow, and thrive through baseball.

We’re more than just a team, we’re a family.
Experience the warmth and belonging of the Newton County Miracle League, where we cherish every player, volunteer, and supporter as an integral part of our family.