Benefits of the Miracle League

Benefits of the Miracle League

Why should my child with a disability participate in physical activity?

Physical activity three times per week for at least twenty minutes can have a huge impact on the overall health and well-being of your child regardless of ability.

Physical Benefits

Reduced risk for secondary conditions related to being sedentary
Maintain muscle strength
Improved flexibility and joint function
Reduce chances of:

Cardiovascular Disease
Colon Cancer
Impaired Circulation


Social Benefits

Provides an opportunity to form friendships with peers outside of school
Chance to lean teamwork
Can learn about competitiveness
Increase overall social skills
Allows children to feel more accepted by peers

Psychological Benefits

Helps develop self-esteem
Provides an outlet for self expression
Helps foster a purpose of life
Promotes and increases independence
Increases coping abilities
Can increase self-confidence
Decreases the risk for depression and anxiety

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